Thursday, 26 March 2015

Inam magazine issue 1. Coming!

Our first official issue is just about to come out and I am so
proud of everyone who has worked on it.
Thank you so much to our supporters and contributors. We choose, one of our favourite models Ubah Hassan as our first official cover girl. She has been one of the models we used for our mock over while back and we so proud.

INAM Magazine editor in chief and staff.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Ukraine's Spring

Suvi-Koponen-Vogue-Ukraine-March-2014-00Finnish model Suvi Koponen fronts one of the most intriguing Vogue's covers in ages.Vogue Ukraine minimalist spring issue could have connotation to the horrors going in Ukraine bid for democracy. Out of the fog into new life in spring. So far 25 people have been killed in the clashes between the government forces and opposition and further hundreds of people have been injured. The clashes began when president .Victor Yanukovych's  rejected the public's much supported European Union trade deal.

Balmain Extatic

Olivier Rousteing may have hired Rihanna Rihanna-for-Balmainfor his S/S 14 campaign, but now talented designer got new perfume. Balmain Extatic campaigned is fronted by Anna Selezneva and photographed by Karim Sadli.   Anna is also fronting Ralph Lauren's Midnight RomanceAnna Selezneva for Ralph Lauren 'Midnight Romance' Fragrance Campaign
The feminine oriental floral perfume compositions was  created by Emilie  Coppermann who was behind Burberry Brit SheerBurberry Brit Sheer perfume Caroline Herrera 212 VIP MenCarolina Herrera 212 VIP Men andCarolina Herrera CH Men fragrance CH Men which she created with David Apel. Emilie also did the compositions for Givenchy creating Givenchy Into the Blue, Play for himGivenchy Play For Her fragrance advert  her with Lucas Sieuzac.   

Thursday, 5 December 2013

RIP Mandiba

 Today great man who is one of the few man who truly deserved the title great has passed away.Mandela was truly inspirational man who had dignity and greatness.
Rest in Peace Mandiba, you will be truly missed.

Cutter Fishing Without Nets and Somali Pirates.

If you thought Captain Phillips was going to be the only film that touched the Somali piracy.What were you thinking.
Fishing Without Nets directed by former U2 tour filmmaker Cutter Hodierne won the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival last year.
 Now the feature film is premiering in Sundance Film Festival.Directed by newcomer Cutter Hodierne Fishing Without Nets was filmed in Kenya and stars mostly Somali actors. The films narrative is told from the perspective of the struggling young Somali fisherman.
The Festival will run from 17th January to 27th January 2014 and in around April in London.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Geo Graham planetarium

Work of art Geo Graham planetarium watch
Geo Graham has been around for 300 years and their watches are work of art.
To celebrate the brands 300th year anniversary they released this magnificent watch. Only 20 pieces were made of this watch which features the Moon which is of rhodium, The Earth is blue Sapphire  and of course the red planet Mars is Ruby. The Sun is represented by Tourbillon bridge with two Phoenix heads all hand engraved with rose gold hand which was created by George Graham.

Picture perfect

This may look like a movie set in generic Christmas film, but this actually an actual street in Great North Canadian town of Quebec.